I shoot people who outlift me

Karim Safar: CrossFitter, weightlifter, and photographer. I'm passionate about both photography and strength sports, the two of which together bring out the best of my creativity and commitment.

There is a key to capturing the right moment in these exciting sports, and knowing when that athlete will set and celebrate a new PR (or fail a brave attempt), and it's quite simple... You really need know what the athlete is going through and what's driving his or her next move. You need to practice their sport yourself.

"there is a key to capturing the moment in these exciting sports"

I've trained in CrossFit and olympic weightlifting for several years and have participated in multiple competitions. I know what it's like to have that burning sensation in your quads but still pick up the bar for the next heavy clean. I know what it's like to grab onto a set of rings when your hands are already torn. And I know what it's like to smash records when they matter most and get cheered on by the crowd as you surpass yourself.

That's why my photos of athletes in CrossFit and weightlifting are different from the rest. Want to see for yourself? Please follow me on Instagram for daily shots of CrossFit, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and even artistic gymnastics.

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Personal bests

For what it's worth, my best snatch and C&J results are 60kg and 88kg in the 62kg weight class. I'm very close to that double bodyweight back squat we're all after, and did over 11 rounds on Mary. On the crazy side, I consider Murph a fun & challenging workout.



In addition to training there, I am acting director of photography at UnScared CrossFit based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In training their athletes, UnScared embodies the values I hold dear in anything I endeavor: quality, consistency, passion, dedication, and trust.

Respect all... fear none...



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